To protect the health of customers and staff, tattoo parlors necessarily use a lot of disposable products. The tattoo process requires plastic cups, cords and bags – all of which are thrown away after one use.


Ritual Arts Studio goes out of its way to find and use biodegradable materials instead of solid plastics. That’s just one reason Ritual Arts became the first tattoo parlor to receive green certification from the national Green Business Bureau.



Jesse Enz, a tattoo artist, and Shane 7 Wolfe, a body piercer, opened Ritual Arts in 2011. Their goal was to create a new kind of environment for their art. “Traditionally, tattoo parlors have been dark, unfriendly and intimidating. We wanted to change that image,” Shane said.


They created a studio in which people would feel welcomed, comfortable and relaxed.


Ritual Arts is well-lighted, clean and open, designed with the idea of parents being comfortable bringing their children in for safe ear piercing. Customers are greeted with tea, fruit and friendship.


Jesse and Shane’s sustainability ethic is every bit as strong as their dedication to their art and their customers.  They use only locally made biodegradable soaps; local recycled paint; and tattoo pigments with no animal content.

The jewelry they sell contains no bone, horn or other animal products. All wood has been grown and harvested sustainably. Some gold and gemstones have been recycled, in recognition of the harm mining inflicts on both land and people.


Investing in carbon offsets through the Smart Energy program is another way Ritual Arts acts on its environmental commitment.


“We can’t continue to do things in the standard way. Business as usual isn’t good enough anymore. Some things need to shift, and it’s up to us to make that happen,” Shane said.