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Your participation in the Smart Energy program is helping make a world of difference.

NW Natural launched Smart Energy in 2007 to give our customers an easy way to offset the carbon emissions from their energy use. In 2020, the program grew to over 62,000 participating customers, and total emission reductions funded over the life of the program exceeded 1.1 million-tons.


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Smart Energy purchases carbon offsets from projects that reduce, or prevent the release of, greenhouse gases. Many of these projects are biodigesters on family-owned farms. Projects such as these keep methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from entering the atmosphere and can harness it as a renewable energy source.

Thanks to you and over 62,000 others, we’re making Smart Energy work. The program has verified and retired high-quality carbon offsets from 14 projects in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Utah. A full list of projects providing offsets for Smart Energy is available on the NW Natural website.