Digest This!

You may not see it in the air, but it's clear that your participation in the NW Natural Smart Energy program is helping reduce carbon emissions in our region.

NW Natural shareholders contributed $10,000 to the Oregon State Parks Trust on behalf of customers who enrolled in Smart Energy. (Read More)

Bringing Biogas to the Region

Thanks to you and a herd of others, we're making Smart Energy work. In 2011 we contracted our fourth project which is located on a family farm in Aumsville, Oregon.

Meet Our New Customers

Learn about the great efforts in sustainability some of our newest Smart Energy customers are doing.
Ninkasi Brewing is using ingredients sourced in the region to assure it is brewing only the highest quality beers. Recently they added solar at the brewery(Read More)
Eugene Hilton and Conference Center has converted over 80% of their lighting to high efficiency and HVAC sensors and timers prevent empty spaces from (read more)
Laughing Planet Café is dedicated to making wholesome, affordable and socially responsible food accessible to regular folks with time constraints. This commitment earned them a BEST Award from the City of Portland in the (Read More)

Perks From Partners

Our commercial partners would like to thank you for supporting Smart Energy with them by providing participating customers special offers. (All offers expired in 2012)