Cow Pies Rule


Digest This!

You may not see it in the air, but it's clear that your choice to participate in the NW Natural Smart Energy program is helping reduce carbon emissions in our region.

NW Natural launched Smart Energy in 2007 to help offset carbon emissions from customers’ energy use. In 2017, the program grew to over 40,000 customers participating and total emission reductions funded passed the 700,000-ton mark.

2017 statistics


Bringing Biogas to the Region

Smart Energy focuses on funding the development of anaerobic digesters on dairy farms. Instead of putting cow manure in lagoons that emit methane (a particularly potent greenhouse gas), the waste is collected in the digesters where the captured methane, biogas, is used as an on-demand renewable energy source.

Thanks to you and a herd of others, we’re making Smart Energy work. The program has verified and retired high-quality carbon offsets from 11 projects in the Pacific Northwest and northern California. In Tillamook, six family farms are piping manure to two digesters. A map of projects providing offsets for Smart Energy is available on the NW Natural website.