Smart Energy celebrates three years

Three years ago NW Natural launched Smart Energy, a voluntary offset program that promised to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and bring biogas to the region. In that time Smart Energy has helped customers reach their carbon-reduction goals, while assisting several dairies in turning cow waste into a renewable fuel.

While offsetting carbon emissions is important, we believe that nothing can substitute the wise use of energy through efficient appliances and conservation. Our motto is "Use less, offset the rest" and our customers have embraced that approach.

But where conservation leaves off, Smart Energy picks up allowing residential and commercial customers to offset the carbon emissions associated with their natural gas use.

Smart Energy has helped fund high-quality biodigester projects, which deliver an on-demand renewable resource that can support a dairy farm's operations and send power back to the grid. These projects benefit the environment and small farms, and would not be financially feasible without your support.

Thank you for your commitment and for leading the way to a renewable future.


Bill Edmonds

Director of Environmental Management & Sustainability