Smart Energy Biodigester Projects


On conventional farms, livestock waste is placed in lagoons to decompose where it emits greenhouse gases into the air. A biodigester allows manure to decompose without the presence of oxygen and captures the resulting biogas. The gas is then transmitted to a combustion device, such as an electric generator, boiler, or absorption cooler, and energy is produced. Projects that have received Smart Energy funding include:


Farm Power Rexville, Mt. Vernon, WA

Farm Power Lynden, Lynden, WA

Brothers Kevin and Daryl Maas work with farmers in Northwest Washington to better manage cow waste while creating a renewable energy source. Their company, Farm Power, supports dairy farms that are too small to successfully develop and operate a biodigester on their own. Learn more


Revolution Energy Solutions Lochmead Farms, Junction City, OR

Lochmead Farms is a family owned dairy that embodies the values of the Pacific Northwest through its commitment to the land and animals it stewards. Learn more