Digest This!

You may not see it in the air, but it's clear that your participation in the NW Natural Smart Energy program is helping reduce carbon emissions in our region.

NW Natural launched Smart Energy five years ago at the request of our customers to help offset carbon emissions from their energy use. In that time, Smart Energy has grown from a pilot project to a permanent program for our Oregon and Washington customers.

Bringing Biogas to the Region

Smart Energy funds support the regional development of biodigesters on dairy farms. Instead of putting cow manure in lagoons that emit methane (a particularly potent greenhouse gas), the waste is collected in an anaerobic digester that produces biogas. The biogas is used as an on-demand renewable energy source.

Thanks to you and a herd of others, we're making Smart Energy work. In 2012 we contracted two more projects; a family owned dairy in Tillamook, Oregon, and an organic waste digester at an ENERGY STAR-rated potato processing plant in Moses Lake, Washington. (Read More)

Meet Our New Customers

Learn about the great efforts in sustainability by some of our newest Smart Energy customers.
Environmental stewardship is an expression of Concordia University's mission: to prepare leaders for the transformation of society. (Read More)
Sustainability is not an afterthought at EasyStreet Online Services – it's a core value. The information technology company's newest data center is the most energy-efficient...(read more)
With an extensive recycling system, PBS is well on its way to Zero Waste with only 5 percent of its business waste treated as solid waste. (Read More)
"Albina Community Bank is very committed to sustainable business practices, so joining the NW Natural Smart Energy Circle was an easy decision for us," said Cheryl Cebula, President and Chief Executive Officer of Albina Community Bank. (Read More)

Perks From Partners

Our commercial partners would like to thank you for supporting Smart Energy with them by providing participating customers special offers. (All offers expired in 2013)