Digest This!

You may not see it in the air, but it's clear that your participation in the NW Natural Smart Energy program is helping reduce carbon emissions in our region.

NW Natural launched Smart Energy six years ago at the request of our customers to help offset carbon emissions from their energy use. In 2013, the program reached 20,000 customers participating and continued growing; nearly reaching 21,000 by year end.

Bringing Biogas to the Region

Smart Energy focuses on funding the regional development of biodigesters on dairy farms. Instead of putting cow manure in lagoons that emit methane (a particularly potent greenhouse gas), the waste is collected in an anaerobic digester that produces biogas. The biogas is used as an on-demand renewable energy source.

Thanks to you and a herd of others, we’re making Smart Energy work.  In 2013 we contracted another project in Tillamook, Oregon.  Manure from five family-owned farms is piped to the central digester. Piping the manure made it possible for a farm with just 250 cows to divert their manure into a digester. (Read More)

Meet Our Customers

Learn about the great efforts in sustainability some of our newest Smart Energy customers are doing and how a sustainable business plan has led to success and expansion at one of our longtime partners.

At Linfield College being green isn’t just about saving energy, it’s also about promoting ways for the community to live greener. Linfield encourages students to create a more sustainable future through an innovative grant program that funds green projects including a campus community garden, bike co-op and composting program.(Read More)
Laughing Planet continues to prove that thinking about people and the planet makes good business sense. The Portland-based chain is about to add six new restaurants… In more good news, The Nature Conservancy recently presented Laughing Planet with its Nature Plate award, which recognizes restaurants that promote healthy food and healthy environments...(Read More)

“The reason we decided to enroll in Smart Energy is that minimizing the negative environmental consequences of our work is one of our company's core values,” said Keri Friedman, Marketing Manager. “The fact that NW Natural provides this option to its customers made the decision easy.” (Read More)

At Dick's Kitchen the diner runs on the philosophy that good food is about relationships – with people, nutrients, the earth. The ingredients that make Dick’s Kitchen so karmically good and delicious originate with some of the region’s most responsible farmers and food artisans, many of them Food Alliance Certified. (Read More)

Perks From Partners

Our commercial partners would like to thank you for supporting Smart Energy with them by providing participating customers special offers.